Richter Automation Deggendorf GmbH

Other programming and software developments

In addition to our main activities, we can be available with other offers:


PLC programming

We take over the PLC programming with Siemens S7 and TIA Portal.

siemens s7 TIA programming



We take on visualization projects in Siemens WinCC, TIA Portal or we can also create your own solutions in high-level language.



Software development

We take on software development tasks in Delphi and VB programming languages.

visual basic script


Cell construction

Together with our partner companies, we create complete system concepts for you.

The activities that can cover with our partner companies:
  - mechanical planning (with the software Inventor)
  - Electrical plan (with the EPLAN software)
  - mechanical manufacturing (turning, bending, welding, laser cutting, injection molding, 3D printing - SLA / FDM)
  - mechanical and electrical assembly
  - Software solutions A to Z (simulation, software development, commissioning, production support)

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